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6 Online Journals to Make Journaling Easier

Keeping a personal, handwritten journal may be difficult in this busy time of your life. Why not give online journaling a try? There are dozens of apps, websites, and social media platforms that offer online journaling options. Let’s take a look at what online journaling is and a few terrific options to get started.

What Is Online Journaling? 

Online journaling websites are internet-based web pages that offer the ability to record journal entries and save them to their website. Usually, you have the ability to download, print, or even share your journal entries.

Online journaling websites have pros and cons. A pro might be that your journal is easily accessible anywhere there is a computer and internet access. Some might be mobile friendly or offer an accompanying app. It may also be free. A con might be that the website gets sold or becomes obsolete and you are no longer able to access your journal entries. Some services may also require a subscription to use.

Woman taking the time to journal online.

Free Journaling Websites  

Here are some free options for online journaling: 


Penzu is an online journaling website and app with a free option and 2 paid upgrade options. The free version allows you unlimited journal entries that are kept 100 percent safe and encrypted. You can choose from several beautiful fonts and even customize your journal cover. 

Its free online journal options also include helpful prompts, the ability to insert pictures, sharing through email or a public link, and printing.  

750 Words 

750 Words is an easy-to-use website that helps you form the habit of writing every day. You can create a free 30-day account to see how you like it. After 30 days, you will still have access to your journal but will be unable to make additional journal entries unless you subscribe. If 750 Words is something you enjoy, you can subscribe for $5.00 [USD] each month. 

750 Words can be used to track a journaling goal or even as a game, using its point and streak system! You also get a look into your writing style and mindset with daily charts. 

750 Words also has an interactive option in which you can be part of a journaling community. You can participate in monthly challenges, share your entries with others, and more. 

Man journals on the go on his laptop.


Diaro can be used on your computer or smart device. Diaro Basic is free and includes the ability to write a short or lengthy entry, add a picture, sort your entries into folders, and record your current mood. Additionally, if you allow the location services, Diaro will add the current weather conditions of your area at the time you write your entry! 

One especially nice feature about Diaro is its ability to sync between your devices through your DropBox account. However, syncing does require Diaro Pro, which costs a one-time fee of $19.99. This upgrade also allows you the ability to search all your entries by keyword and add a Google Earth location. 

Using Social Media to Journal Online 

Have you ever considered how your social media accounts are similar to a daily journal of what’s been going on? Many people use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to do a type of journal online. The advantage is that it is free, and you likely are already using it!  

On Facebook, you can upload numerous pictures and videos and create quite a lengthy post of up to 63,206 characters. As you share your daily activities on Facebook, people often make comments. In this way, you create a type of interactive journal with your friends and family.  

You may not know about the ability to print your Facebook entries. You can use a paid service called My Social Book to “slurp” your Facebook content into book form. My Social Book allows you to choose what is included in your book, set date parameters, pick a paperback or hardback cover, and take advantage of several other customizing options.  

Instagram is another social media platform many use to record their personal and family activities. In comparison to Facebook, it is a little less robust. Instagram allows you to upload up to 10 images per post and you can create typed content up to 2,200 characters. 

Chatbooks are great options to turn your social media journal into a physical book.

You can use My Social Book to slurp your Instagram content as well, or you can try another similar paid service called Chatbooks. Chatbooks is another fun tool for creating journal-like books for your family and personal history. They come in 2 sizes, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 inches. These fun little books hold up to 366 pages. Because these books are on the smaller side, your caption appearing under an image will need to be about 3 sentences or less. If you exceed 300 characters, additional words will be populated onto the next page. 

Using FamilySearch Memories for Online Journaling 

For an always-free, always-available journaling option, try FamilySearch Memories! If you have a free FamilySearch Account, you also have free access to FamilySearch Memories. Here, you can add pictures, stories, documents, and even audio to your family tree.  

FamilySearch Memories is a great online journaling option to preserve your stories and memories for future generations.

The FamilySearch Memories story section is a great place to create a personal online journal. It is free and accessible to you anywhere in the world you have internet access. 

FamilySearch Memories allows you to create a title for your story or journal entry. You can share it publicly or keep it private. Additionally, you can add up to 10 photographs per story and add an event date, event place, and topic tags for easy retrieval. 

Your entries and uploads to FamilySearch Family Tree are safe and always accessible.  

What are you ready to share? Create your own free account on FamilySearch, and start creating your online journal using FamilySearch Memories today. Or give some of these other options a try as you look for the right fit. No matter how you choose to document your life, your future family will thank you! 

Source: Family Search

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