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7 Reasons You Need the Reimagine App

In May 2023, we launched Reimagine: a photo app that allows you to harness the power of MyHeritage’s AI photo features and scan multiple photos in seconds right from your mobile device. This innovative app has really resonated with our users, who have already scanned, colorized, enhanced, restored, and animated hundreds of thousands of photos using the app.

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If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet — you’re missing out. Here are 7 reasons why you need the Reimagine app in your life:

1. To futureproof your photos (and beat procrastination)

In 2021, the Association of British Insurers conducted a survey asking people what items they would choose to save if their house caught on fire. 35% of people responded that they’d save their family photographs. There’s no surprise there: family photographs capture precious memories, and older photographs taken on film are irreplaceable.

With wildfires, floods, and extreme weather becoming more frequent due to climate change, it’s especially important to make sure your most valuable possessions are easily portable. Digitizing your photos is a must — but many people feel too overwhelmed to take on the task. Reimagine’s photo scanner is the solution: it’s so easy and quick to use. A few taps and you’re done!

Scanning photos with the Reimagine app

Scanning photos with the Reimagine app

If you have piles and piles of photos but just haven’t found the time to digitize them, download Reimagine and set yourself a goal to scan just 5 or 10 pages per day. It takes literally seconds. Trust us, we tried: we took a photo album with 4 photos per two-page spread, put on a timer for one minute, and scanned as many as photos we could. The results? 22 taps, 44 pages. That’s 88 photos scanned in 60 seconds. At that rate, you could scan an entire 100-page album in less than 2.5 minutes.

Still think you don’t have time?

More tips on scanning photos and getting great results in this Knowledge Base article: 6 Tips for Scanning Photo Albums Quickly & Getting Great Results with the Reimagine app

2. To revisit your favorite memories and see them in a new way

When’s the last time you’ve had a chance to take out one of those old childhood albums and take a stroll down memory lane?

Digitizing your photos with Reimagine gives you an excuse to take that stroll — and a chance to experience your old photos in a whole new way. Restore yellowed, faded photos to their original glory, repair scratches and creases, find out what old black and white photos look like in full color, and see fuzzy or blurry photos in striking clarity. Even better, enjoy a chance to see long-lost loved ones look around and smile again.

Basking in the warm glow of sweet nostalgia gives you a chance to step back from your day-to-day concerns and appreciate what truly matters in life — and there’s nothing like rediscovering some old photos to get you reminiscing.

3. To seize every opportunity to collect photos from your childhood

Have you ever visited the home of an older relative and found some photo albums there that you wished you could take home, but didn’t want to deprive your relative of their beloved mementos?

With the Reimagine app in your pocket, you can have it both ways. Take a few minutes to scan the album, put it right back on the shelf, and carry a digital version of it home with you to enjoy whenever you like.

A grandmother and grandson scanning photos easily using Reimagine photo scanner and photo editing app

You can even take the opportunity to ask your relative about the photos, and add whatever details they can give you using the app

Having a digital version of the albums also means you can easily share them with other family members who might be interested — and that takes us to reason #4:

4. To share your memories and improved photos with family and friends

Sharing happy memories with the people you love amplifies your enjoyment of those memories several times over! Using Reimagine, you can save and share your photos with whoever you like in just a few taps.

Have you dug up a hilarious photo of you and your sibling scowling at the camera on the first day of school, or “helping” your grandma bake cookies? Scan it, enhance it, restore the colors, send it to your sibling, and share a laugh over it.

Found a lovely photo of your late great-aunt on her wedding day? Animate it and show it to your great-uncle.

Photos are a powerful way to connect to the people we love.

5. To declutter your living space without getting rid of important mementos

Minimalism has become extremely popular in recent years, with many people following the advice of experts like Marie Kondo, Joshua Becker, Peter Walsh, and the Flylady to clear their homes of clutter and make their living spaces more neat and welcoming.

While we would never recommend disposing of a family photo album, digitizing your photos gives you a lot more flexibility regarding storage, because you won’t need the originals to be as easily accessible.

To protect your photos and ensure their longevity, you should minimize their exposure to oxygen, moisture, and extreme temperatures. With your photos scanned with Reimagine, you can put them on display with a digital photo frame, and move the albums to a more secure location where they won’t be handled as often.

6. To organize your photos into customized albums and collections

Chances are, even if you discover a photo album full of photos you want to keep forever, some of them are going to be more important to you than others.

Digitizing your photos allows you to move them around and reconfigure them in new ways. Aside from curating your own customized albums or photo books to print, you can even recreate a photo album using the colorized and enhanced versions of the original photos.

That’s exactly what Terry Reynolds did to celebrate his parents’ sapphire wedding anniversary.  “They said the album was the best present they had ever received — including the letter they received from the Queen!” he told us.

Terry’s parents James William Reynolds and Kathleen Flood at their wedding

Terry’s parents James William Reynolds and Kathleen Flood at their wedding

And that brings us to our final item:

7. To create unique and powerful gifts for loved ones

Have you seen this viral video of a D-Day veteran receiving a pillow with a photo of his late wife printed on it?

Like we said, photos are a powerful way to connect to the people we love — and when those people have left us, sometimes photos are all we have.

The pillow is such a perfect gift because it’s a photo you can hug! Imagine being able to present your grandmother with an enhanced, colorized photo of your late grandfather as a young man, printed on a pillow she can hold when she misses him, or on a mug she can gaze at every morning with her coffee. It’s the kind of gift she would cherish every day.

With Reimagine, creating a heartfelt gift like this takes just a few taps: scan the photo, improve it, and share it with your print service of choice. For more ideas for unique keepsakes you can make with family photos, download this handout by Thomas MacEntee from the MyHeritage Knowledge Base.

Still not sure you need Reimagine in your life? Try it out for free and see for yourself. Download it now on iOS or Android and start discovering the power of AI photo technology to bring your favorite memories to life.

Download Reimagine now

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