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AI Time Machine™ Takes Over TikTok

What a whirlwind! A few days ago we posted about the viral social success of AI Time Machine™, our exciting new feature that enables you to transform yourself into historical figures. Hundreds of thousands of people have already given AI time-travel a spin and the numbers continue to skyrocket.

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As of last night, 4.6 million themes with 44 million output images were generated, and 3 million images have been downloaded for sharing. On TikTok, the trending hashtag #AITimeMachine has grown in the last 72 hours to 27 million views and by the time you read this, probably much higher.

We’ve enjoyed getting all of your great feedback and have been working around the clock to make AI Time Machine™ even better. We are delighted to announce that we now offer AI Time Machine™ in 42 languages so anyone around the world can experience the magic for themselves.

Here are some of the latest social media posts featuring AI Time Machine™:


People from all over TikTok have shared their emotions, laughs, and joyous discoveries about themselves through their AI Time Machine™ experience. 

This video by Corinna has 8 million views!


“They just can’t get my nose [eyes] right!” #AIheritage #AI #women

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

@hellotefi got emotional when seeing the images of herself, 

“The 1930s woman looked familiar.”

In tears, she shared a video of the photo of her as a 1930s lady, and then the photos of her Grandmother, Libia, a very striking resemblance.


#greenscreen #aitimemachine #grandmother

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

Drake shared a mesmerizing morph video of him moving through time with his AI images:


#myheritage #aitimemachine

♬ Agape – Nicholas Britell

Jackalyn Rene shared, “This was way more emotional and fun than I expected it to be.”


This was way more fun ans emotional than I expected it to be. #aitimemachine #ai #timemachine #timetravel #celtic #roman #ancientgreece #viking #ww2nurse

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

Oscar shared his incredible results: 


fake body. My Heritage AI Time Machine. #myheritage #myheritageaitimemachine #ai #timemachine #trend

♬ diamonds – mariela❤️‍🩹

Georgelouisej shared, “Seeing what I would have looked like throughout time — I literally love this so much”


I literally love this so much #foryou #myheritageai #aifilter #aitimemachine

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

We loved Mikala’s commentary on her photos.


this was rlly fun #fyp #xyzbca #fypシ #greenscreen #aitimemachine #myheritage #voiceeffects

♬ original sound – mikala✥

Elli-Jean Royden shared, “I have never loved my ethereal essence so much!”


I have never loved my ethereal essence so much #ethereal #facetypes #myessence #aitimemachine #timemachine #myheritage #howilovebeingawoman

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

Daisy Taylor shared “I saw everyone doing the MyHeritage AI Time Machine, I am obsessed!”


it’s annoying because everyone’s doing it, but I spent way too long trying all the different filters 😌 #fyp #myheritage #aitimemachine #myheritageaitimemachine

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

@densefool shared his results and feels he was made for the 1920s:


Guess I got the looks for the 1920s #greenscreen #foryou #fyp #AI #AITimeMachine #myheritage #trends

♬ suara asli – gabut woi – gabut woi

Tori shared, “I have been feeling down on my image my whole life, so I decided to try the AI Time Machine to see myself from a different perspective.”


#greenscreen #aiheritage #aitimemachine

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

Zach showed how his AI image from the early 20th century looked a lot like his ancestor: 


Tried the Heritage AI filter, it’s over for your male ancestors when I get my Time Machine. #alphabetmafia🌈 #lgbt #fyp #gaybear #daddy #ginger #bearsoftiktok #heritage #ai #CreateWithCanon

♬ Memories – Lux-Inspira

Lilly shared, “I’m so in love with this trend!” 


I’m so in love with this trend 🤍 #ai #aiart #myheritage #myheritageaitimemachine #aitimemachine #art #renaissance #preraphaelite #cottagecore #fairycore #coquette #aesthetic

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

Tito loved his results: 


Aztec/Mayan be hittin’ but then Persian/Egyptian Kings Thooooo. 🥲🥲 #greenscreen #myheritageaitimemachine #aztec #mayan #persian #egyptian

♬ 原聲 – 沃纳


The twitterverse can’t get enough of the AI Time Machine™:

Dr. Steven Hadley tweeted:

Autumn Minnish tweeted:

In response to Historian Robert Lyman tweet about himself as a Renaissance scholar, Nick Short tweeted,

Fiery Moonchild tweeted:

In one of her comments she exclaims, “This is literally the best invention since sliced bread, I’m having way too much fun.”

Swanson tweeted:

Marisa Cooper tweeted:

Zach Webb tweeted:

Genealogists and family history enthusiasts like Dr. Holly Walters have commented on how AI Time Machine™ is helping them connect with their ancestors.

Marian Burk Wood shared her results as an Egyptian Queen and then later tweeted:

The new art themes have also been a huge hit with users: 

Molly Kate tweeted:

Have you time-traveled yet? Travel through history and see yourself like never before with AI Time Machine™.

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