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Celebrate Australia Day with Free Access to Over 108 Million Records

As Australia Day approaches, we are excited to announce a special gift for all family history enthusiasts! In celebration of Australia’s rich and diverse heritage, we’re offering free access to our extensive collection of Australian records. This incredible opportunity runs from January 24–28, 2024. 

Search Australian Records for free 

Our Australian record collection contains over 108 million records. These include a wide range of collections that are crucial for tracing your Australian roots. You’ll have free access to electoral rolls, historical newspapers, registers, birth and death indexes, marriage records, burials, and school records. 

Bring the Past to Life

One highlight in our Australian historical records is the New South Wales Gaol Inmates & Photos collection, offering a unique glimpse into Australia’s penal history. This fascinating archive, added last year to MyHeritage, offers a unique glimpse into the past. The collection contains detailed prison records, and features photographs of prisoners from several jails in New South Wales between 1870–1930. 

With an estimated one in five Australians having convict ancestors, this collection could be the key to unlocking a part of your family history you never knew existed. Imagine discovering an ancestor with a story of resilience and survival, depicted in a time-worn photograph. You could find so much more than names and dates; you could uncover the human stories that make up your past.

In this collection, we uncovered the record of the notorious Tilly Devine, a famous figure in Sydney’s criminal history. Her story is a fascinating glimpse into the underbelly of early 20th-century Australia. 

Her records feature eerie photographs that offer a window into her life. We colorized and animated her photo using MyHeritage Photo Tools.

Start Your Journey

This Australia Day, take advantage of this incredible opportunity to dive into your Australian heritage. Search these records for free and start uncovering your family’s stories. Happy Australia Day!

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