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Celebrate Halloween with Free Death Records from MyHeritage

Halloween is almost upon us, and to celebrate, MyHeritage is providing free access to all death records added to MyHeritage before October 2021 for one week only: October 27–November 2!

Search free death records on MyHeritage

The records in this category include death, burial, and cemetery records as well as obituaries. These records are crucial sources of information for family researchers. Death certificates are typically issued within days of a death and can contain many details about a person’s life, such as their age at death, place of birth, parents’ names and origins, and the cause of death. The name of the person who provided these details may also be mentioned, and this can also be an important clue that can help you locate new relatives.

Burial and cemetery records can supplement death certificates and offer additional information, while obituaries may provide rich details about the person’s life: their interests, profession, passions, and connections in the community.

From last Halloween until the beginning of October, we added more than 37 million records to an already enormous collection of death records, burial records, cemetery records, and obituaries — bringing the total to 586,664,785 records. During that time, 11 collections were added or updated, including collections from Brazil, New Zealand, the United States, Poland, France, and more. So even if you’ve had a chance to peruse MyHeritage’s death record collection in the past, it’s worth taking a look to see if there’s anything new concerning your family history.

Don’t miss this chance! Search free death records on MyHeritage now.

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