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Celebrate National Photo Month with Vivid-Pix

A sponsored post from our friends at Vivid-Pix. 

What is National Photo Month?

In 1987, the U.S. Congress officially recognized May as National Photo Month, designating the whole of May to capturing life’s special moments and recording world history with the click of a button.

Of the 12 months of the year, what makes May perfect for celebrating photos?

Aside from the blooming flowers and longer days, May is the doorway to the coming summer fun. Kids and the kids-at-heart can take their spring sports outside, as the days grow warmer. It’s the unofficial kick-off for summer fun, excursions and vacations!

May is really about life’s transitions – and celebrations! It’s about new beginnings: proms, spring dances, and graduation are among a family’s most memorable moments. Photos are uniquely suited to capture these moments and preserve them for future enjoyment and sharing.

We observe Memorial Day in May, a day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service of the country. And, of course, May is also the month that we celebrate Mother’s Day. What better way to honor Mom than to share photos of family?

How You Can Celebrate

National Photo Month is about remembering life’s meaningful moments. The magic of photography doesn’t come just when a photo is taken, but it lives on as it is rediscovered and shared. Here are some ideas to make the most of photography’s most celebrated month:

Build a collage or slideshow with photos for the high-school or college graduate, commemorating their achievements.

Turn your Memorial Day barbecue into a sharing/scanning party! Have the family bring their photo albums and scrapbooks to pass around. Make sure to include important documents and letters, too. Use a scanner like the Flip-Pal® mobile scanner to digitize cherished memories. Learn more.

Remember Mom with a special photo book or scrapbook with her favorite photos with the kids. Don’t forget grandma, too! She should be remembered on Mother’s Day. Learn more and order.

Remember photos can be brought back to life with Vivid-Pix RESTORE software. This easy-to-use desktop software restores color and clarity to faded photos and documents. Download free trial and/or purchase.

Here’s an example of a slideshow we created!

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