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Don’t Miss Our Special DNA Sale on MyHeritage!

There’s never been a better time to discover your genetic heritage on MyHeritage! We’re excited to announce our Special DNA Sale, offering you a unique opportunity to unravel the secrets of your past and unlock your future.

Get your MyHeritage DNA kit now!

MyHeritage DNA tests provide more than just a nationality percentage. They reveal where your ancestors came from, and offer an in-depth look into your ethnic background. Not only that, but our advanced DNA Matching technology can connect you with relatives you never knew you had. With our global database, there is enormous potential for discovery.

Getting started is simple. Our DNA kit is easy-to-use, painless, and quick. It requires just a quick swab from the inside of your cheek. In addition, your privacy is our priority. We use top-tier security measures to ensure that your data remains yours and yours alone.

Your journey to self-discovery is just a click away. Once you’ve submitted your sample, you’ll receive comprehensive results in approximately 3-4 weeks. You’ll get a breakdown of your ethnic origins from 42 different ethnicities around the world, the largest number offered by any DNA testing service. You’ll also receive DNA Matches connecting you with relatives around the world. Your results will be conveniently delivered to you online.

Don’t wait to discover the fascinating story that your DNA holds. Take advantage of our Special DNA Sale, and start your journey of discovery. 

Order your MyHeritage DNA kit today!

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