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Find Your Relatives at RootsTech Connect 2021

For the past few years, RootsTech has offered a way for people to see if they are related to other RootsTech attendees around them—and this year is no different! Although RootsTech Connect 2021 will be virtual, you will still be able to discover relatives who are participating in the event.

After registering, you will be able to see how many of your relatives have also registered. When the event begins on 25 February, you will see those specific relatives. For more information, check out the RootsTech’s FAQ.

How to Find Relatives at RootsTech

To find your relatives at RootsTech, you will first need to opt in to the RootsTech relative finder experience. You can opt in either from your browser or from the FamilySearch Family Tree app.


Visit, and sign into your FamilySearch account (or create a free account if you don’t already have one).

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Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be taken to a registration page. Even if you’ve already registered for RootsTech Connect this year, you will need to register here to opt in to the Relatives at RootsTech experience. Be sure to click the Join Relatives at RootsTech option before you click the Register button.

join relatives at rootstech checkmark.


On your phone, go to the Family Tree app. You will see a banner at the top of the screen about Relatives at RootsTech. Tap it. Fill out the RootsTech 2021 registration information, and be sure to select Join Relatives at RootsTech.

After you’ve registered, you will see information about how many relatives you have at RootsTech. When RootsTech begins on 25 February, you will see a list of people around the world that you are related to! To get back to the experience, tap the more menu, and select Relatives at RootsTech.

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How to Make the Most of the RootsTech Relative Finder

Want to improve your chances of finding relatives at RootsTech? FamilySearch makes connections based on the family trees of RootsTech attendees, so the more information you have added to your family tree on, the better! Try to have at least the first four generations added to your tree.

Another way to increase your odds of finding relatives is to share the experience with others around you. Scroll down the page, and click the Share button to copy the page link or share the page to your social media feed.

The share button for relatives at RootsTech.

While you’re waiting to find your relatives at RootsTech, discover famous relatives!

Source: Family Search

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