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Huge Black Friday Sale Now Live!

This holiday season, give your loved ones a holiday gift they will cherish for generations to come. The MyHeritage DNA kit offers powerful insights into your ethnic origins and helps you find relatives you never knew existed!

Our Black Friday deal is now LIVE. Order your kits today!

If you’ve been considering purchasing a MyHeritage DNA kit for a loved one, there’s no time like the present: our limited-time Black Friday sale this holiday season is our best sale EVER. We can even gift-wrap it for you!

The MyHeritage DNA kit offers a detailed ethnicity breakdown with one of the most comprehensive lists of ethnicities in the industry covering 2,114 genetic & geographic regions. The test is really easy to use: a simple cheek swab that takes only 2 minutes to complete. Furthermore, our huge global DNA matching database enables you to find new relatives from all over the world.

Take advantage of our biggest Black Friday sale EVER going on NOW!

This holiday season open the door to powerful new discoveries. When you purchase a MyHeritage DNA kit for a family member, you’re doing more than helping them learn about where they come from. You’re helping them learn about the common history you share, strengthening the bond between you in a profound way.

Don’t miss out! Order MyHeritage DNA kits for everyone on your list today!

Happy shopping!

The MyHeritage Team

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