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Huge Black Friday Sale on MyHeritage DNA Starts Today

We just couldn’t wait, and our HUGE Black Friday Sale is on! Give yourself or your loved ones the ultimate gift this holiday season a MyHeritage DNA kit, now for the lowest price EVER!

In addition to the amazing low price, we’re offering FREE shipping on 2+ kits, and a beautiful gift wrap option.

Order your kits today!

Combined with our family trees, historical record collections, and matching technologies, MyHeritage DNA enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your ethnic origins and create an even clearer picture of your family’s past! 

The perfect gift for the whole family

Taking a DNA test and getting your results back sure is exciting for an individual, but it’s even more exciting when the whole family participates. If you’ve already taken a DNA test, you might be wondering who you should test next to help build your family tree. Although everyone in your family shares DNA, the more people who test, the clearer the picture of your family’s history becomes.

We always suggest starting with your oldest relatives. By testing your grandparents, or great-grandparents, you can get as close as possible to the roots of your family, making MyHeritage DNA a gift of knowledge that you can hand down from generation to generation. 

MyHeritage helps make new family connections

Many family reunions have been made possible thanks to MyHeritage DNA tests, and they continue to give hope to people who are still searching for relatives.

MyHeritage recently helped a young woman named Seraine Danner unite with her birth father for the very first time. When Seraine was quite young, she discovered that she had no idea who her birth father was. After purchasing a MyHeritage DNA kit and getting her results, she found that she had a first cousin, once removed. 

Seraine contacted her newfound cousin and together they discovered that Seraine’s biological father was only a phone call away. The father and daughter pair now talk every day!

MyHeritage Black Friday Sale

Take the stress out of holiday shopping and gift wrapping this year and let MyHeritage handle everything. Order now to take advantage if the incredible low price and get ready for a holiday season full of happy family members!

Happy shopping!

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