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Journey to the Past with Free Immigration & Travel Records!

With the summer in full swing, now is a great time to learn about the paths your ancestors traveled. MyHeritage is offering free access to all immigration and travel records from June 24–28, 2021. By learning about their journeys, you’ll get to know your ancestors in a more meaningful way. 

Humans have migrated throughout history, but until the last century or two, traveling was dangerous and costly, only undertaken out of absolute necessity — to escape war, famine, or other unrest, or to earn a living. In the 19th century, as new technology made traveling faster and safer, the upper classes began to travel for leisure, and people who would otherwise have spent their whole lives in the same village where their grandparents were born were starting to leave to pursue better fortunes. Many of us are descended from these brave adventurers.

Where did your ancestors come from? Where did they go?

Now is a great opportunity to find out.

The Immigration & Travel category on MyHeritage encompasses 57 collections with 181,280,020 historical records from all over the world. They include passenger arrival records, naturalization records, border crossings, emigration records, passports, and convict transportation records.

These records are often pivotal for genealogists because discovering details on exactly where your ancestors were from can help you understand where to look for additional records on their childhoods and their families in the old country. In the documents in this collection, you might find details on the journey, such as the name of the ship they sailed on and the city where they sailed from, in addition to personal details — such as names and occupations of the travelers themselves and of their family members.

Normally, most of these records are free to search, but can only be fully accessed by MyHeritage users with a Data or Complete plan. From today until June 28, anyone will be able to access them completely free of charge.

Ready for your own adventure to discover the journeys of your ancestors? Click here to start searching Immigration & Travel records on MyHeritage!

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