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Memorial Day: Remembering Our Military Ancestors

Today the U.S. celebrates Memorial Day to honor of the men and women who have died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

Many people will take this time to visit cemeteries to honor our fallen soldiers. The holiday is often celebrated with large parades and family barbecues as we also welcome the unofficial beginning of summer.

Memorial Day: Remembering Our Military Ancestors

Image: Kathleen T. Rhem, U.S. Army

This long weekend also presents a great opportunity to research your military ancestors. Here are a few ideas on how to get your genealogy fix this Memorial Day:

Visit a Cemetery

One of the many traditions of Memorial Day is to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers with an American flag or flowers to honor their sacrifice. Take some time with your family to visit your military ancestors graves and share a little bit of family history with your loved ones.

Research Military Records

Have you looked through your Record Matches lately? MyHeritage hosts a large collection of military records. Review your Record Matches today to see what military records have been matched to the profiles on your family tree. Or you can click on the “Research this Person” link on the profile to search MyHeritage’s vast collection of historical records. Sort the results by “Military” to see what records await!

Join a Geni Project

Have you explored our collection of genealogy projects created by the Geni community? This Memorial Day, take a look at the military-related projects on Geni. One such project is the Arlington National Cemetery project. The Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia is perhaps one of the country’s most famous military cemeteries. Do you have ancestors who were buried there? You may be interested in joining this project!

You can find more military-related projects from around the world in the International War and Military projects portal.

How are you celebrating this Memorial Day?


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