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MyHeritage Cyber Monday Sale — Huge Savings on MyHeritage DNA!

Shopping for the holidays certainly can be stressful. Here at MyHeritage, we’re going to make it easy for you by selling our at-home DNA kits for the lowest price ever! Take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale and give your loved ones an exciting gift that helps them learn more about themselves and find long lost relatives. DNA kits are always an exciting gift for people of all ages.

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Are you related to people in a country far, far away? Have you been searching for your biological mother or father? Did you have a family member that played a significant role in the military? Many of your questions may be answered with a simple swab of the cheek.

MyHeritage DNA in action

The holidays are a time for togetherness, and what better way to bring your family closer this holiday season than by discovering your origins with a MyHeritage DNA test!

Johannes Nielsen knows firsthand about the togetherness you can achieve through MyHeritage DNA. Growing up in South Korea, he knew that he was adopted as a baby — and that was all the knowledge that he had of his roots. He had no insight into who his biological family was or where his roots were first laid down.

When Johannes’ MyHeritage DNA test results came back, he discovered that he had a distant cousin in the United States who appeared to have a large family tree. This cousin, although she knew nothing about Johannes’ story, was eager to help him find the answers that he was looking for. She connected him to her maternal grandfather’s side of the family, which gave Johannes a better picture of the family tree.

He then discovered that there was an even closer DNA Match that got him closer to finding his biological parents.

This led him to discover a possible father, who unfortunately passed away in 2006, and his mother, who was still alive and well in the United States. Finally, after 43 years, Johannes met his mother for the first time in an emotional reunion.

The gift of a growing family

Give your friends and loved ones the ultimate gift this year — the possibility of growing closer to their roots and gaining a deeper connection to their family. 

Our Cyber Monday sale is now live, so don’t miss out and order today. MyHeritage DNA kits are available for the lowest price EVER, plus free shipping on 2+ kits! 

Order your kits today!

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