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MyHeritage Online Events for February

It’s been an incredibly busy month at MyHeritage with some amazing new feature releases! As always, we have a fantastic schedule of online events planned for the month ahead, with a special focus on exploring the new features and updates at MyHeritage.

Our free, live webinars feature top experts in genealogy, family history, and DNA speaking on a wide variety of useful and relevant topics. Thanks to the live format, you can ask questions and interact with the lecturers in real time. Even if you can’t make it to the live events, you can still enjoy all recorded FB Live sessions in the Videos section of the MyHeritage Facebook page, and many of the Ask the Expert sessions are later made available for free viewing on the MyHeritage Knowledge Base.

Facebook Live Sessions

No advance registration is required for these sessions: you can join them straight from our Facebook page. Simply visit the page when the session is scheduled to start, and look out for the live video broadcast at the top of the feed. You’ll be able to ask questions in the comments, and the speakers will respond to them live.

February 1, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Searching for My South Carolina Kin

Speaker: Bernice Bennett

Description: Come along with author and genealogist Bernice Bennett on her journey to trace the steps of her ancestors in South Carolina — and learn some tips and tricks for researching your own ancestors in the South.

February 3, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Finding the Stories of All 400,000+ U.S. World War II Fallen

Speaker: Don Milne

Description: Begun as a humble blogging project, Don Milne’s nonprofit initiative, Stories Behind the Stars, has expanded its ambition to eventually record the stories of all 400,000+ soldiers who fell fighting for the United States during World War II. Hear his story and learn how you can contribute to the preservation of these heroes’ stories.

February 8, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Family History in the Kitchen

Speaker: Gena Philibert-Ortega

Description: Nothing says family more than a good meal. Join genealogist and researcher Gena Philibert-Ortega and discover how to connect with your ancestors through the food they ate.

February 10, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Fall in Love with the MyHeritage Marriage Record Collection

Speaker: Thomas MacEntee

Description: Expert genealogist Thomas MacEntee shows you how to unearth information on the great romances in your family in MyHeritage’s marriage record collections! Discover what marriage records can reveal about your family and how they can enrich your research.

February 15, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Say Cheese! Preserve, Identify, and Improve Ancestral Snapshots

Speaker: Maureen Taylor

Description: Maureen Taylor, a.k.a. The Photo Detective, will show you how to identify your ancestors in old photos, improve the photos, and preserve them for future generations.

February 17, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Navigating the MyHeritage Mobile App

Speaker: Masha Novak

Description: Join Masha Novak, Project Manager of the MyHeritage mobile app, as she walks you through the app and shows you how to leverage its full potential as a genealogy tool. Learn about the app’s exclusive features and get some great tips for genealogy on the go!

February 22, 2 P.M. EST

Topic: Advanced DNA Features on MyHeritage

Speaker: Ran Snir

Description: MyHeritage’s Director of Product Management Ran Snir will introduce you to the advanced DNA features on MyHeritage and show you how they can help you better understand your DNA results and make progress with your genealogy research.

Ask the Expert

The free Ask the Expert webinar series is hosted by our Genealogy Expert, Daniel Horowitz, and spans a wide variety of topics, from leveraging useful MyHeritage features to searching the historical record collections. To sign up to attend an Ask the Expert session, click on the registration link provided below.

February 4, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Managing Multiple Accounts and Trees on MyHeritage

Description: MyHeritage allows you to build multiple family trees and use multiple accounts, but this can sometimes get unwieldy. Here you’ll learn some best practices for staying organized and making the most of your multiple accounts.

Click here to register for Managing Multiple Accounts and Trees on MyHeritage.

February 11, 1 P.M. EST

Topic: Exploring AutoClusters

Description: AutoClusters is an extremely useful tool for grouping your DNA Matches and figuring out how they are connected to each other and to you. Come explore this tool and learn how it can help you with your genetic genealogy research.

Click here to register for Exploring AutoClusters.

We look forward to having you join us!

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