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MyHeritage’s Super DNA Sale!

Every family has a story to tell, and every individual longs to be connected to their roots. Thanks to MyHeritage DNA, countless individuals have been able to discover their family histories, build their family trees, and even reunite with long-lost loved ones. Now, with our Super DNA Sale, embarking on your own journey of discovery has never been more accessible. 

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The power of DNA testing goes beyond just revealing ethnic origins. It holds the potential to reconnect individuals separated by time and circumstance. An extraordinary example of this is the recent heartwarming reunion of Jimmy Lippert Thyden and his birth mother, Maria Angelica Gonzalez.

For 42 long years, Maria believed her son had died shortly after his birth in Chile. In a twist of fate, Thyden took the MyHeritage DNA test which confirmed his Chilean origin. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the Chilean nonprofit Nos Buscamos, in collaboration with MyHeritage, Thyden discovered not only that he was alive but was also a part of a much larger family he had never known. His journey of discovery revealed he had four brothers and a sister, and this family was eagerly waiting to embrace him. Read their heart-rending story, recently featured on People and many other news outlets around the world.

Thyden’s story is one of thousands, echoing the harrowing tales of babies who were taken from their families during the Gen. Augusto Pinochet regime in the 70s and 80s. While the reasons behind such tragedies are heartbreaking, the reunions made possible by DNA testing bring hope, healing, and closure to many.

Embark on your own story of discovery today. From uncovering ethnic origins to potentially reconnecting with relatives, our Super DNA Sale is your gateway to a deeper understanding of who you are and where you come from. Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to access our DNA kits at a special discount. 

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