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New: AI Record Finder™ Chat History

Last month we released AI Record Finder™, the world’s first search engine for historical records based on AI chat. AI Record Finder™ revolutionizes the historical record search experience in the same way that ChatGPT revolutionized searching on the internet. Many users requested the ability to save their chat history for future reference. You asked, and we listened: we are happy to announce that we’ve added a new Chat History panel to enable easy navigation between your chats! 

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Chat History Up Close

The Chat History panel offers several capabilities that we’ll describe below. First, it enables you to resume previous chats, which means you can keep your research focused on specific individuals, perform other actions in the family site, and continue any given chat where you left off. Next time you visit AI Record Finder™, the Chat History panel will automatically display on the left side of the page. 

AI Record Finder™ Chat History

AI Record Finder™ Chat History (click to zoom)

Click the name of any conversation in the panel to resume the chat or review the records that AI Record Finder™ located. AI Record Finder™ automatically names each new chat based on the person you searched for in the first message of that conversation. In addition, we’ve retroactively named your previous chats based on the first message you sent for each chat. 

As part of this update, we’ve also made it easier to start a new chat. We’ve added a “New chat” button at the top of the Chat History panel, so you can start a new chat at any time, in one click. You can organize your research by person, and maintain a dedicated chat for each ancestor or relative you are researching.

Starting a new chat from the Chat History panel

Starting a new chat from the Chat History panel (click to zoom)

If you wish to delete a chat, hover over the name of that chat in the Chat History panel. A trash icon will appear. Click the icon; this opens a popup asking you to confirm that you want to delete the chat. Once deleted, the chat cannot be restored. 

Deleting a chat from AI Record Finder™

Deleting a chat from AI Record Finder™

These improvements are designed to enable better navigation and management of your chats with AI Record Finder™, so you can make the most of this feature while continuing to keep your research organized. We hope you find them useful as you continue to make new discoveries about your family history. Enjoy!

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