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New Year’s DNA Sale Starts Today

As we return to routine following a holiday season of family, togetherness, and cherished traditions, there’s a natural desire to maintain those connections in the new year. One of the best ways to not only maintain, but strengthen family connections is by taking a MyHeritage DNA test! 

Order MyHeritage DNA kits 

Our New Year’s DNA Sale starts today, which means you can stock up on MyHeritage DNA kits for an incredible low price! That’s not all — you’ll also enjoy free shipping on 2+ kits. 

MyHeritage DNA reveals your origins across 2,114 geographic regions and connects you to relatives you may not have known about. Curious about where you come from, or looking to take your family history research to the next level? A MyHeritage DNA test can help you make incredible new discoveries and unlock the answers to lingering questions you may have. This sale is on for a limited time, so order your MyHeritage DNA kits today!

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