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Offer Extended: Upload Your DNA for Free Access to All DNA Features

Due to the enthusiastic response to our week-long offer to waive the unlock fee on the advanced DNA features for uploaded DNA, we have decided to extend the offer another week!

Now those of you who haven’t yet uploaded your DNA data to MyHeritage and enjoyed free access to all DNA features — including the brand-new Genetic Groups — will have another chance!

MyHeritage’s mission is to help people all over the world learn about their family history and bring families together. We know that you have multiple DNA testing services to choose from, and we don’t want the cost of purchasing an additional DNA kit from us to be prohibitive. That’s why, unlike most other DNA testing services, we allow users to upload DNA data from other providers and receive DNA Matches for free. To access additional DNA features, such as Ethnicity Estimates (including Genetic Groups), the One-to-many Chromosome Browser, AutoClusters, and Theory of Family Relativity™, there is usually an unlock fee of $29.

However, we are waiving that fee for an additional week, from March 1–7, 2021. Users who upload their DNA data this week will receive free access to all DNA features on MyHeritage — forever!

If you’ve already uploaded your DNA to MyHeritage, the additional features have already been unlocked, so go check them out now!

If you’ve tested with another service and haven’t uploaded your DNA to MyHeritage yet — there’s never been a better time. Uploading your DNA to MyHeritage is easy, and your results will usually be ready within a day or two. Click here to upload your DNA to MyHeritage.

Don’t miss this chance! Upload your DNA to MyHeritage now.

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