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People Are Loving Our New Online Course

At the beginning of this year, we launched our first-ever full-length online course, Introduction to Genealogy. Since then, more than 10,000 people have registered for the course, and we’ve received some wonderful and enthusiastic feedback. We’re pleased to share some of that feedback with you below.

Helen from the U.K. says: “This is the ideal course to recommend to any of your friends or family wishing to start their family history teaching the essential steps to take with convenient bite size video tutorials. If you’ve been doing genealogy a while but wish to brush up on your research skills such as getting more out of your online tree or your DNA matches you’ll find it very valuable too. A very fun and useful course.”

Elaine from the U.K. says: “Enjoyed the course! Learned more about the tools that are available of which I was not aware, and much information regarding the photo techniques. Thank you!”

Murray from Canada says: “Although I did already know most of the material covered, it was a great refresher and there were some things that were new to me. The sections presented by Daniel Horowitz, Mike Mansfield, and Ran Snir (I think there was one segment by him) were all very clear and well presented… overall it was time well spent. Thanks again for making this available to the genealogy community.”

Lynette from Australia says: “I absolutely loved doing this course. It helped me understand more about using the MyHeritage website. I am now very excited to do a lot more with my DNA. Thank you so much.”

Judy from the U.S. says: “This looks excellent. Not only for new researchers but also for those new to MyHeritage because it is done on a beginner’s level. Sometimes, even knowledgeable researchers [who are] new to MyHeritage aren’t sure where to go for what. I know there are knowledge base examples for most of the site, but this way it’s easier to understand.”

Beverly from the U.S. says: “This course was robust. It introduced me to intricate nuances of the MyHeritage site that will facilitate my research. The content was well articulated and the opportunities to practice the lesson at hand before moving to the next challenge provided new insights.

“I am a multi-year user of MyHeritage. I thought I had ‘conquered’ the site offerings until I delved into this opportunity. Thank you for putting this course together.”

Helen from Ireland says: “It was an excellent presentation and very easy to follow. I found this very interesting as I have been doing my family tree for a few years and was learning as I went along. This course showed me aspects I wasn’t aware of and how to use them, and the ones I did know [about] how to use them more effectively. Also I haven’t done a DNA test, yet but I’m sure it will help me understand it better when I do.”

Genevieve from the U.S.: “I thought I knew it all in MyHeritage. Boy-o-boy was I wrong. I learned many useful tools to apply, especially in photos and DNA lessons. Thank you for taking the time to put such wonderful lessons together for those of us who choose to apply what we have learned.”

Dawn from Canada says: “I especially liked the photography and DNA sections, as with those I have not done anything. It gets me more interested in what I can do now. Thanks.“ 

Many thanks to those who completed the course and took the time to tell us about your experience with it. 

Haven’t checked out the course yet and want to know what the fuss is all about? Visit the Introduction to Genealogy course page and register today!

Everyone who completes the course gets a neat certificate that they can show off to friends and family!

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