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Profile of the Day: Bob Hope

Profile of the Day: Bob Hope

Bob Hope

Today we remember Bob Hope, who passed away on this day 15 years ago at the age of 100. A comedy legend, Hope entertained audiences all around the world in almost every entertainment medium, from vaudeville and Broadway, to radio, television, and film.

He was born Leslie Townse Hope on May 29, 1903 in Eltham, near London, England. He was the fifth of seven sons born to William Henry Hope, a stonemason, and Avis Townes, a light opera singer. In 1908, the family immigrated to the United States aboard the SS Philadelphia. They passed through Ellis Island before settling in Cleveland, Ohio.

After working a series of odd jobs, Hope found success in vaudeville. By 1934, he began performing on radio and soon became one of the most popular radio performers on air. As television gained popularity, Hope smoothly transitioned to the new medium while also starring in several films. He headlined numerous television specials on NBC, consistently earning impressive ratings for each new show, and became a long-standing figure on the network.

During World War II, Hope dedicated his free time entertaining American troops. He would continue to perform USO shows for the next 50 years. In 1997, Congress declared Hope an honorary veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

Hope died on July 27, 2003 just a couple of months after his 100th birthday. At the time of his death, Hope was one of the most honored performers in entertainment history.

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