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Profile of the Day: Chuck Norris

Happy birthday, Chuck Norris! Today the star turns 80.

Image: Chuck Norris / Wikimedia Commons

Carlos Ray Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma to Wilma Scarberry and Ray Norris, who was a World War II Army soldier. In 1958, Norris joined the U.S. Air Force as an Air Policeman. It was while he was based in South Korea that he began training in martial arts.

After he was discharged, Norris rose to fame as a martial artist and opened his own Karate school. It was at a martial arts demonstration that he first met Bruce Lee. In 1972, Norris was cast as Lee’s nemesis in the film Return of the Dragon, which immediately turned him into an international star. By the 1990s, Norris successfully transitioned to television as the star of Walker, Texas Ranger.

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