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Profile of the Day: Clark Gable

Today we remember legendary actor Clark Gable, who died on this day in 1960 at the age of 59. Known as the “King of Hollywood,” Gable starred in more than 60 films, but is perhaps best remembered as Rhett Butler in the Civil War epic Gone With the Wind.

Image: Clark Gable / Wikimedia Commons

Born William Clark Gable on February 1, 1901 in Cadiz, Ohio, Gable had early aspirations to become an actor. After dropping out of school at 16, Gable joined a theater company and eventually made his way to California. He landed his first starring role in 1931 and quickly became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

During the filming of Gone With the Wind, Gable married actress Carole Lombard in 1939. Sadly, three years later, the actress and her mother died in a plane crash while returning home from a World War II war bond tour. After her death, Gable joined the U.S. Army Air Force to help with the war effort. He flew five combat missions, including one to Germany. Can you guess which actor and future president signed his military discharge papers in 1944?

Gable died on November 16, 1960, just four months before the birth of his son.

What’s your favorite Clark Gable movie? Explore his family tree and share how you’re connected to the Hollywood icon.

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