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Profile of the Day: Grover Cleveland

Profile of the Day: Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland

Today we remember Grover Cleveland, who was born on this day in 1837. Cleveland served as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

He was born Stephen Grover Cleveland on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell, New Jersey and was the fifth of nine children born to Richard Falley Cleveland, a Presbyterian minister, and Anne Neal. He was a third cousin thrice removed of Moses Cleveland, who founded the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland was the only president in history to serve two non-consecutive terms. He was first elected as the 22nd President of the United States in 1884, but lost his bid for re-election despite winning the popular vote. When he ran for president again in 1892 and won, Cleveland became the only president to ever be elected to non-consecutive terms.

A life long bachelor, Cleveland also made history when he became the first president to marry in the White House. In 1886, he married Francis Folsom, who was 27 years his junior. At 21 years old, Folsom became the youngest First Lady in history.

Cleveland died on June 24, 1908 at the age of 71.

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