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Profile of the Day: Johannes Kepler

On this day in 1571, mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler was born in Weil der Stadt in what is now Germany. A key figure of the Scientific Revolution, Kepler is best remembered for discovering the three laws of planetary motion.

Image: Johannes Kepler / Wikimedia Commons

Kepler’s paternal grandfather was a respected craftsman and served as mayor of the city. However, his parents were poor. His father earned a living as a mercenary and left the family when Kepler was young. His mother, Katharina Guldenmann, was a healer and an alleged witch. In 1615, his mother was arrested for witchcraft. Kepler defended his mother himself during her trial. However, in 1620, she was arrested again and imprisoned for 14 months until Kepler was able to have her released.

Kepler worked as an assistant to renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe until Brahe’s death in 1601. At his death, Kepler inherited Brahe’s post as Imperial mathematician. Considered one of the leading minds of the scientific revolution, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion would provide the foundation of future astronomic discoveries.

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