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Profile of the Day: Nicholas II of Russia

On this day in 1868, Nicholas II of Russia was born.

Image: Nicholas II of Russia / Library of Congress

Born Nikolai Alekasndrovich Romanov, Nicholas II was the eldest son Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna of Russia. He was related to several monarchs in Europe, including his first cousin King George V.

In 1894, Nicholas II ascended to the Russian throne after the death of his father. During his reign, the Russian Empire fell from one of the foremost powers in the world to economic and military collapse.

During World War I, the tsar took command of the Russian army at the front. In his absence, the mystic Rasputin’s gained significant influence over the Empress Alexandra in St. Petersburg. This contributed greatly to the growing distrust of the imperial couple. The war resulted in significant losses and growing poverty in Russia. The public uproar led to increased riots, and eventually forced Nicholas II to abdicate in 1917.

Nicholas II and his family were killed by members of the Bolshevik secret police in 1918.

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