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Profile of the Day: Richard Warren Sears

Profile of the Day: Richard Warren Sears

Richard Warren Sears

Do you remember browsing through the Sears catalog? On this day in 1914, Sears co-founder Richard Warren Sears died at the age of 50.

His father, James Warren Sears, was a successful blacksmith and wagon-maker. After his death, Sears worked to help support his family. He learned telegraphy and started working as a telegraph operator and station agent for the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway.

His life reached a turning point in 1886 when a shipment of watches was refused by a Minnesota retailer. Upon refusal of the shipment, Sears made a deal with the wholesaler to sell the items himself. He had great success selling them to other station agents, and after six months, sold them all and made $5,000 profit. He used his profits to begin a mail-order watch service, and as the business expanded, Sears published a mail-order catalog, which included a variety of items for purchase. By 1894, the catalog had reached over 500 pages.

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