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Profile of the Day: Ted Danson

Happy birthday to Ted Danson! Today the popular star turns 73.

Image: Ted Danson / Dominique Redfearn, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

He was born Edward Bridge Danson III on December 29, 1947 in San Diego, California. His father, Edward “Ned” Bridge Danson, Jr., was an archaeologist and a director of the Museum of Northern Arizona. Raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, Danson attended Stanford University where he became interested in drama. He later transferred to Carnegie Mellon University, where he received a degree in drama.

In 1982, Danson caught his big break when he was cast as Sam Malone in the hit television sitcom Cheers. The sitcom was one of the most watched shows of its time and earned Danson 11 consecutive Emmy nominations (he won 2). A versatile actor, Danson has also found success for his dramatic roles on television, including the shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Damages. Most recently, Danson starred in the critically acclaimed comedy The Good Place, which earned him 3 more Emmy nominations for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

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