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Profile of the Day: Vicente Guerrero

On this day in 1782, Vicente Guerrero, a leading general of the Mexican War of Independence and later President of Mexico, was born. A champion of the common people, Guerrero is remembered as one of the most influential leaders in Mexican history.

Image: Vicente Guerrero / Wikimedia Commons

Guerrero was born on August 10, 1782 in Tixtia, a small town in what is today his namesake state of Guerrero in Mexico. He was of Afro-mestizo descent and worked as a mule driver in his youth.

In 1810, Guerrero joined the revolt against Spanish colonial rule. He became a leader in the independent movement and became known for his numerous successes in battle. With his forces often out numbered and with less resources, Guerrero employed guerrilla warfare tactics to successfully fight the Spanish forces.

Mexico finally gained independence in 1821, but political turmoil would continue to plague the newly independent country. In 1829, Guerrero was elected the second President of Mexico by a wide majority. During his brief term as president, Guerrero strived to help working class people and most significantly, abolished slavery in Mexico. His presidency came to an end in December 1829 when he was deposed in a rebellion led by his vice president, Anastasio Bustamante. He was captured and executed on February 14, 1831.

Today, Guerrero is remembered as one of the greatest heroes in Mexican history.

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