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Send Us Your Childhood Halloween Photos for a Chance to Win!

Dressing up in costumes is one of the highlights of Halloween for most kids… alongside stuffing themselves with candy, of course! Who doesn’t love the chance to become someone or something else for a day? Even if you don’t wear costumes for Halloween anymore, perhaps you have some fond memories of costumes you wore in your childhood. Maybe you even have some photos to accompany those memories — or photos of your parents or grandparents dressing up for Halloween when they were kids!

Well, it’s time to dig those photos out of your old albums or boxes in the basement, because we’re having a new photo contest: this time for photos of old Halloween costumes from your childhood (or a family member’s) for a chance to win a free one-year MyHeritage Complete Subscription! The contest will run until October 23.

Here’s how to enter:
  • Scan your photo and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, or email it to
  • Tell us about the photo: who’s in it? What are they dressed as? How did they make or obtain the costume? What’s the background? We love a great story, so the more info, the better!
  • Optional: use the MyHeritage photo tools to repair, animate, enhance, and/or colorize the photo — maybe even make it speak its own story with DeepStory!
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #myhalloweenheritage and to tag MyHeritage in the post.

The winners will be announced after Halloween.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your photos.

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