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Track Your Contributions to the Family Tree with New Feature

At FamilySearch, we unite families. This mission cannot be
accomplished alone. It requires the efforts of individual family members
sharing their experiences and their knowledge.

That is why we are excited to announce the new My Contributions feature for the Family Tree app! You can now keep track of the individual contributions that you have made to the Family Tree. Here’s how it works.

To find the My Contributions feature, open the Family Tree
app, and tap the More icon. This will bring up a menu of options. Tap My
. You will then see three categories—Stats, Changes, and
Private Persons.

Screenshot of how to get to My Contributions from More tab


The Stats tab shows you a bar graph of the total
contributions that you have made to the FamilySearch Family Tree over the past
eight years.

Screenshot of contributions statistics

The stats can be broken down into different types of
contributions, such as how many sources you have attached, how many memories
you have attached, or how many people you have added to the Tree.


This tab is where you can view the most recent changes you
have made to Family Tree and your family’s records. The list extends to the
last 300 changes made, with the most recent changes listed at the top.

Screenshot of My contributions changes tab

For each item, the name of an individual in the Family Tree
is listed first. Individual changes to this person’s record are then detailed
beneath the person’s name.

Private Persons

Living and
confidential people are managed in private spaces on This
section gives you a list of living or confidential people in your family tree.
These are profiles that only you can see or modify. Tapping a name will bring
you to that person’s profile on Family Tree. It is a helpful feature,
especially when you want to manage personal information on a shared tree.

Screenshot of my contributions private person

Currently, the My Contributions feature is available only on
the mobile app, but keep checking back for updates!

We are grateful for the contributions that you have made to Family
Tree, and especially for the ways that you contribute to the lives of your
family members.

We wish you the best of luck moving forward with your genealogy
and hope that this new feature comes in handy!

Source: Family Search

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