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Unlock the Past with MyHeritage this Halloween

October brings more than just pumpkin spice and costumes; it brings a chance to connect with the spirits of our ancestors and uncover their mysterious stories. 

From October 27 to November 1, 2023, we’re offering free access to all death, burial, cemetery, and obituary records on MyHeritage. With 370 collections and 881,738,760 records, this special Halloween treat is sure to delight. 

Search death, burial, cemetery, and obituary records on MyHeritage

Death records are a great start to your genealogical journey, and essential for family history research. They often include birth and death dates, the names of family members, last known addresses, and sometimes even cause of death. They provide a wealth of information, all in one place. They can then act as springboards for further investigations into other areas of your ancestor’s life. 

Beyond names and dates, death records sometimes provide personal anecdotes or obituaries, adding a touch of humanity to the names we find.

To access this invaluable resource visit, and start searching. If you are not yet a MyHeritage member, you’ll be asked to register in order to access the records. 

So this Halloween, as we revel in tales of ghosts and ghouls, let’s also take a moment to honor the real stories of our ancestors. Thanks to MyHeritage, rediscovering those tales has never been easier.

Happy Halloween! 🍂🎃

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