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Update to Related Records on MyHeritage

We recently revamped Related Records in SuperSearch™ to ensure that you don’t miss any important historical records that can lead you to new discoveries.

Related Records, previously known as Record Detective™, shows additional records or family tree profiles that might belong to the person or people featured in the historical record you are currently viewing. The technology scans the record you’ve discovered in SuperSearch™ and matches it to our entire database of over 10.2 billion historical records and family tree profiles to locate related records. For example, a birth record could point to a newspaper article about the wedding of the same person, where you could learn about new family members that you weren’t aware of.

To make Related Records more practical and ensure that you won’t miss them, we now show them in a convenient panel on the right-hand side of the record instead of below it. Related Records are generated by MyHeritage’s record-to-record matching technology, and we’ve just re-calculated these matches, adding hundreds of millions of additional Related Records. This will open the door to many new and exciting discoveries.

Here are some examples of Related Records at work:

  1. A 1921 Canadian Census record for my 3rd great uncle, Michael Margolick, leads to an additional 9 historical records.
    With 6 separate records from the Ellis Island and Other New York Passenger Lists, 1820–1957 collection, we can see that Michael, a manufacturer and businessman, did a bit of traveling from 1927–1932. One of the passenger lists shows that Michael and his wife Helen traveled to the U.S. from Montreal in 1932 on the ship named Columbus.
  2. A marriage record for Frederick J Blanchard & Gertrude H Blanchard in the collection In Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841–1915 links to an additional 4 records, which include 3 census records from 1920, 1930, and 1940 U.S. Censuses.
    In the 1920 census, we learn of Frederick and Gertrude’s two children Charles and Ruth, and of his profession as a rough rounder in a shoe shop. He most likely operated or tended a variety of machines to finish shoes and shoe parts.
    In the 1930 census, we see that the son Charles has probably moved out and is no longer living with the family, and at 55 years old, Frederick is now a school janitor.
    By the 1940 census, both of their children have moved out, and Fredrick is still working as a janitor in a public school.
  3. A MyHeritage family tree record for Marie Travis leads to a whopping 24 additional records for her and her family members!
    Some of the highlights include her parents’ marriage record from 1895 in Fulton, Illinois. Another is a WWI draft record for her brother Rolland H Reeder in the United States World War I Draft Registrations collection. There you can see some interesting facts about his occupation, physical attributes, and more.


Viewing Related Records requires a Data subscription or Complete subscription on MyHeritage. Some records come from free collections (e.g. the BillionGraves collection of headstones) and can be viewed without a subscription, but the majority are not free. Learn more about our various plans here.


With the addition of new matches and the improved user interface, your chances of finding new Related Records have significantly improved. We hope that you will make exciting new discoveries and gain new insights into your family history.

Keep an eye out for them on the right of every record in SuperSearch™.

Here at MyHeritage, we are committed to continue innovating and developing new technologies, but we are also working to improve existing features to make family history more exciting and rewarding for you.

Let us know what you discover!

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