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Updates to the Website Navigation Bar 

We’ve recently made some improvements to the navigation bar on the MyHeritage website, to make it more intuitive and to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. 

We’ve added a new Photos section where you can conveniently access your photos, plus our photo tools: Deep Nostalgia™, MyHeritage In Color™, and the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer. Previously those entries were in the Family tree section.

With our growing suite of photo tools, and in light of the massive popularity of Deep Nostalgia™, we wanted to give you easier and more direct access to your photos and to the features that make MyHeritage the #1 platform for working with historical photos. Having a separate section will make it easier for us to add new photo-related features, and we plan on taking advantage of this very soon 🙂

Under the Family tree Section, the Print charts and books and the Consistency checker options are no longer under “More…”, making these popular family tree tools more easily available. 

We’ve also updated the DNA section to include Health Reports

To upgrade your DNA kit and receive health reports, select Upgrade to Health from the DNA section.

Previously, the navigation bar had a section called Health, and in this update it has been removed. We’re no longer promoting DNA testing for health as we had done in the past.

We hope you’ll appreciate these navigation improvements.

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