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11+ Family Activities That Bring You Closer Together

Creating lasting
memories doesn’t require tons of props or preplanning. In fact, some of the
best family activities are just a couple clicks away!

Try some of these fun, easy activities to bring the whole family together, even those who may be far away. Whether online or in person, you can use these simple activities to create family memories and connect with family members in meaningful ways.

Discover Your Name Meaning

Surname experience screenshot

Discover the meaning and origin of your surname. You can also view what countries your surname is most likely to be found in.

Learn Facts About Your Birthday

All About Me screenshot

All about Me will tell you fun facts about the year you were born, such as how expensive gas was, the top music of the year, and other cool facts.

Find Your

Two young brothers who look similar to eachother

Compare-a-Face lets you upload photos and see how similar you and your family members look. You can finally settle who looks more like Mom or Dad!

Map Where You Came From

Where Am I From screenshot of a map

Where Am I From lets you map where your ancestors lived, see where they were during major world events, and learn more about your heritage.

Try on Traditional Clothing

Picture My Heritage screenshot

Picture My Heritage lets you virtually wear the traditional clothing of your heritage. You can also see yourself in old, black and white photos.

Go on a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Mother and daughter looks at computer together while doing an activity

Search your surname and see if you can find family members’ names in historical records and family books on FamilySearch’s digital library.

Record Your Family Story

Screenshot of Record Your Story on FamilySearch

Record Your Story will prompt you with questions about your family and personal history. You can also use our 52-questions template to begin writing your family story.

Learn about Your Heritage

Man plays bagpipe outside

Learn about the culture, heritage, and history of where you came from using FamilySearch’s country pages. Don’t know what your heritage is? Here’s how you can find out.

Give Grandma
a Call

Grandparents on the phone together

Call your grandparents, and ask them about their lives. We’ve provided 20 questions to help get you started. Be sure to save their story in a safe place, such as in FamilySearch Memories.

Watch RootsTech Classes

Steve Rockwood at RootsTech

Round up your family, and watch incredible motivational speakers talk about the importance of family.

Try Traditional Recipes

world cuisine you can eat with your family

Cooking together is a wonderful way to connect to family, especially if the food you are making relates to your heritage.

Explore More In-Home Activities

Screenshot of in-home family activities

You can find more in-person, at-home family activity ideas on the FamilySearch In-Home Activities page.

We’d love to hear about your experience with these family activities! Share your experience online with the hashtag #FamilySearchTogether or comment below.

Source: Family Search

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