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New Ancestor Discovery Pages Provide a Rich, Engaging Family History Experience

You can now find some of the best experiences FamilySearch has to offer all gathered in one place—ancestor discovery pages. With FamilySearch’s updated ancestor discovery pages, you can do everything from viewing photos and timelines of your ancestors’ lives to exploring their heritage with fun interactive online activities.

ancestor page screenshot for raymond earl connolly

What Can You Learn from the Ancestor Discovery Pages?

The new ancestor discovery page has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a fun family activity or detailed information about an ancestor’s life.

Below is a quick snapshot of what you may find on an ancestor’s discovery page.


Try on the traditional clothing your ancestors wore, compare your face to theirs, and view on a map where your ancestors lived.

activities screenshot from the ancestor page

Life Summary

Read a summary your ancestor’s life. If no life summary is available, no worries—you can sign in to and add one!

life summary of raymond earl

Time Line

View a time line of your ancestor’s life, including important events such as family birth and death dates and changes in living locations.

family time line for raymond connolly

Photos and Memories

View photos of your ancestor and discover other important mementos from the ancestor’s life, such as audio recordings and uploaded documents.

photos and memories screenshot for ancestor page

Family Names and Name Meanings

Read the meanings behind your ancestor’s first and last names, and learn the names of your ancestor’s parents, siblings, spouse, and children. To learn more about these other family members, simply click the person’s name, and you can view that person’s own personalized ancestor page!

name meaning of connolly last name

Share Your Ancestor’s Page

If you’ve enjoyed viewing your ancestor’s discovery page, don’t hesitate to share it on your social media or with other family members. You don’t need a FamilySearch account to view ancestor discovery pages, which makes it that much easier for others to view all the exciting information you found on the page!

To share the page, just click one or more of the social media icons found either on the top right of the page or again at the bottom of the page.

screenshot of share icons on ancestor page

How to Find Your Ancestor’s Discovery Page

You may be able to find your ancestor’s discovery page by simply typing the person’s name, birthday (or another vital date), and ‘FamilySearch’ into your web browser. The ancestor’s discovery page will likely pop up in the top search results.

You can also find your ancestor’s page by visiting, and then clicking Browse Surname Directory. From there, you can find your ancestors’ names by selecting the letter the last name starts with and then clicking the name group that the first and last name would fall under alphabetically.

how to find your ancestors in the family tree screenshot

You don’t need a FamilySearch account to view ancestor discovery pages. However, with a FamilySearch account, you can add photos, sources, a life summary, and other rich information to ancestor discovery pages. Create your free FamilySearch account today.

Source: Family Search

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