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Celebrate Spring with Free Birth Records on MyHeritage

Every year, as the cold of winter melts away, spring comes and brings with it a new beginning. We’re excited to offer you a chance to research your family’s beginnings with free access to birth records for a whole week from April 18–24, 2021.

Birth records are an incredibly valuable resource for family history research. Depending on the country and historical era in which they were recorded, they can provide a wealth of information on your ancestors — not only names, dates, and locations, but also information about additional family members and details about the circumstances surrounding the birth. The records are typically issued within days of a birth and contain the names of the parents. They may also contain details about the parents such as their places of birth and ages, as well as the number of additional children and their religious affiliation.

Before the mid-20th century, most births took place at home, and many birth records from that period note the home address.

MyHeritage’s collection of birth records includes 115 collections containing a total of 1,144,541,613 individual records from all over the world. Some of the collections contain indexes which help you find out where the birth record is located, while others contain the actual image of the record.

Normally, birth records are free to search, but to view the full record or add it to your tree, you need a Data or Complete plan on MyHeritage. This week, however, you’ll have full access to all these records absolutely free.

Click here to search MyHeritage birth records now — who knows what you might discover about your ancestors?

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