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Free Access to All Birth Records!

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be offering free access to all birth records on MyHeritage from July 10–16, 2020!

Search birth records on MyHeritage now

MyHeritage boasts a vast treasure trove of 104 birth record collections, containing more than 1 billion records from all over the world. Birth records are a perfect place to start when researching your ancestors, offering an important glimpse into the moment when their lives began. Where did it happen? On what date, and at what time? Who was present for the birth, and who registered it? You might learn the answers to these questions from a birth record.

Birth records are typically issued within days of a birth and contain the parents’ names. They usually also contain additional details about the parents, such as their own places of birth, their ages, the number of previous children, or their religious affiliation.

Before the 20th century, births typically took place at home, so many birth records from this period also note home addresses. The birth records in MyHeritage’s collection may include indexes that give you the information you need to request copies from vital record keepers, and in some cases, they contain high-resolution scanned images of the actual records.

Normally, most of these records are fully accessible only to paid subscribers of MyHeritage, but as of July 10 and ending July 16, you’ll be able to access them freely even if you’re not a paid subscriber. This is an excellent opportunity for users who have wanted to access birth records on MyHeritage but haven’t wanted to commit to a subscription.

Ready to discover the details of your ancestors’ births? Check out the birth record collections now!

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