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Father’s Day: Favorite Memory of Dad

This Father’s Day, we asked you to share with us your favorite memory of your dad or a father figure in your life for the chance to win a free 1-year subscription of Geni Pro. Today we want to congratulate Meli Alexander, the winner of our Father’s Day giveaway!

Meli sent in her story of an epic water fight with her dad and cousin:

My favorite Father’s Day memory was many years in the Bronx back in the 70’s. My dad, my cousin and I had THE most epic squirt gun fight EVER! We went to the store to buy squirt guns (theirs were both black and mine was blue). Then we went up to our apartment to fill the guns, went across the street to Van Cortlandt Park and had so much fun!!!

We heard lots of great stories and wanted to share a few more of our favorites.

Daniel P. –

Going fishing with my Dad on the river when I was really little. We camped there all weekend. I caught a large blue catfish. My dad cooked up our fish and made homemade beer batter hushpuppies. One of my favorite memories.

Дженнифер Б. –

My uncle Fredrik he would always by me 2 gifts for my Bday and for Xmas and write my dads name on one cos he knew his big brother would not buy me anything even thou he wold come for both my Bday and Xmas he did everything a father should do I loved him so much.

Kristina A. –

William Raymond Aldrup was one of the first registered father/male Girl Scouts in Tres Condados Girl Scout Council circa 1964. His reasoning for membership: if I’m going to transport and camp with my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, I SHOULD be a registered Girl Scout and be responsible to the Council for my presence and behavior. My Papa was a man of high principles and civic action.

Annie H. –

When my mother and stepfather would go out to dinner, he would ask my mother, “Does Annie like this?” and if she said yes, then he would order that particular meal and bring me the leftovers on their way home. He was one in a million.

Shane B. –

Trail Riding with Dad in the mid 70’s in South Africa, a wonderful way to grow up.

Congratulations again to Meli! We hope you enjoy your Geni Pro subscription.


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