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Geni Tips: Understanding Profile Revisions

When you collaborate in a shared world tree, it is important to be able to see the history of changes in the family tree. Geni profiles show a robust revision history of a profile, so you know what was changed and by whom. This is especially important if you notice a change that was not correct. Geni’s revision histories make it easy to revert the change, so you can make sure the information in the World Family Tree remains as accurate as possible.

There are multiple places ways for you to review revisions for the profiles in the tree.

Home page

On your home page, click on the “Revisions” tab to view a list of recent revisions for the profiles you follow.

List Page

On the family list page, you can review a list of all the revisions for profiles out to your fourth cousins and your in-laws out to first cousins.

Profile Revisions Tab

Every profile page also has a Revisions tab where you can find a list of all the changes that were made to that profile.

Reviewing Revisions

Each revision is timestamped so you know when the change was made and by who. Click “view” to see what information was changed in a handy table.

In this table, you will be able to review changes to the profile facts and the profile’s About section. Under the “Facts” tab, you can easily compare the current values on the profile, the information that was changed, and the previous information on the profile before the change. You can click on the arrows in the heading of the “Change” and “Previous” columns to view more changes and previous fact values.

A green cell indicates that the field was changed during the revision and a red cell indicates that a field is not the same as the most current revision. If you have permission to edit the profile, you can easily revert a change if you need to. Simply select the value you want to use (which will highlight the cell in yellow) and click “Use Suggested Values” button.

You can click on “Back to revisions list” to return to the list of revisions for the profile. From here, you can also choose which revisions you wish to compare or restore a previous value.

You can click the “About Me” tab to review a list of revisions and compare the changes for the profile’s About section. The text highlighted in green indicates the text that was changed in the revision, while text highlighted in red indicates text that is not the same as the current revision.

These revisions can also be accessed from the profile’s Overview tab. Simply click “history” at the right of the About section. If the About section has been added in multiple languages, you can see the revisions for each language by selecting a language from the dropdown.

Revisions are a powerful tool to use in a collaborative environment. It is vital to know when a change was made, what was changed, and by whom. And with a revisions history, mistakes can be quickly caught and immediately fixed. It’s all the more reason it is important to understand revisions so everyone can continue to effectively research and collaborate in the World Family Tree.

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