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Video: Navigating the HTML Tree on Geni

Have you used the HTML version of the family tree on Geni? GeneaVlogger and Geni curator Jarrett Ross has released a new video on how to navigate the HTML version of the World Family Tree on Geni. In this video, Jarrett gives an introduction to all of the basic features of the HTML tree, including new options that are not available on the Flash version of the tree.


From the new side panel and easier navigation tools to a new and improved pedigree view, Jarrett’s video will give you an excellent walkthrough of all of the HTML tree’s features.

If you’re still using the Flash tree, you may want to switch over to see what’s new in the HTML version of the tree. Our team is continuing to make improvements to the HTML tree as we prepare to eventually replace the Flash version of the tree.

Check out the video below:


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