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Join the RootsTech Songwriting Contest

RootsTech Connect is all about what binds us together. Music has long been one of the most powerful ways for people to connect with one another, and that is why RootsTech is hosting a songwriting contest centered on connections. What connections mean the most to you? How do you connect with others? How do you connect with the world? All musical styles are encouraged, whether it be rap, classical, pop, country, rock and roll, or any other mix or genre. Entering also gives you the chance to win a Kawai piano!

A man sits at his drumkit and writes a song

There are three easy steps to enter the RootsTech songwriting contest:

  1. Write and Record—Share with us a song that shows what it means to connect. Be sure to write down your lyrics for your submission!
  2. Submit Your Entry—Fill out the entry form, and upload your song (as an MP3 file), lyric sheet, and album image before the entry deadline on 31 December 2020.
  3. Vote and Share—All semifinalists will be notified and given a unique link to share with friends and families. Encourage everyone you know to vote for your song, as well as for other songs that they enjoy.
A woman writes a song on a piano

There are multiple categories for entries. So whether you’re a professional, amateur, or youth, RootsTech wants you to tell your stories of connection through song. Go to the songwriting contest page for more information, to find answers to your questions, and to submit your song!

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