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Mother’s Day Giveaway: Favorite Memory of Mom

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked the community to share their favorite memories of their mother or a mother-figure in their lives. From the submitted entries, one lucky winner would receive a free 1-year Geni Pro subscription. Today, we’re excited to congratulate Lynn Grieder, the winner of our Mother’s Day giveaway!

Lynn shared this special memory she has of her mother, Ethel Martin neé Hukkala:

In 2002 we took my Mom on a “roots” trip to where she was from (Sointula, BC Canada). We were in the local museum, and she had made her way over in her wheelchair to a display of pictures. The rest of us were at varying displays, and we heard her say: “I’m not unidentified. That child is me.” The picture was of my grandparents (also unidentified until then), and my Mom when she was 7 years old. That day she was 85. I’m so grateful we were able to fulfill her wish of going home one last time, as she passed away one day after Mothers Day in 2004. That trip is one of my favorite memories.

We heard lots of great stories and wanted to share a few more of our favorites.

Connie S. –

My mother was always my biggest cheerleader. I was born on her 40th birthday, and she always said I was her greatest present. She had grown up without a mother (my grandmother died when my mom was 3) and had been put in a Jewish orphanage in Berlin. I always felt treasured by her. Although I don’t remember the actual experience of the picture on the left, the picture on the right depicts my wedding. I cherish the memory of my mother whispering something sweet in my ear!

Maria J. –

Seeing my grandmother in the distance, in my homeland waiting for me to kiss me a lot. She was so happy that I was going to spend the school holidays with her. I miss her so much. She died at 1994.

Ivany L. –

My mom and I, on the day of First Communion.

Noah J. –

When I was a child, we lived in Canoga Park, CA. There was a cement wash behind our property, and my cat got trapped there one day. Mom heard the cat crying, placed a small rug over the wire fence that separated our back yard from the cement wash, and went down into the wash to try and catch my cat. Once she got the cat, she was too slick from the sludge in the wash to make her way back up the concrete without losing the cat. So she walked North inside the wash all the way to the end, where it leveled out behind the Fire station. Firemen from the station spotted her and lowered a ladder to assist her escape from the wash. With all that sludge still covering her, she walked South back up the street, holding my cat, until she reached our house. Once inside she cleaned herself up. The cat went into hiding and wore its tongue out cleaning itself too. I’ll never forget all that effort she put into getting a helpless, frightened animal while thinking of me and how it would hurt me to lose my beloved pet.

Kathleen B. –

My mother, Claire Eileen Lally Kilkenny, got her driver’s license so she could drive me to piano lessons. She went back to work to help pay for my high school, college, and wedding. We always ate dinner as a family every evening. She played the piano and we all sang. We always knew we were loved.

Congratulations again to Lynn! We hope you enjoy your Pro subscription!


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