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New: AI Time Machine™ Adds AI Avatars

AI Time Machine™, our successful new feature that allows you to picture yourself throughout history, keeps getting better. We’re happy to announce that due to popular demand, the available themes in AI Time Machine™ have been expanded to include a new category: AI avatars. In addition to the historical (time travel) themes offered since its launch, you can now create AI avatars in dozens of stunning themes. See yourself rendered as a pencil sketch or animated character, as a World Cup soccer player, and in more original, fun themes. If you’ve already taken AI Time Machine™ for a spin, you can generate the new themes on an existing model, or upload a new set of photos to create dazzling avatars. Avatars are perfect for sharing with your family and friends or for using as your profile photo on social media.

Try AI Time Machine™, including the new avatars


Below you’ll find some examples of the new avatars.

World Cup Soccer Player:

World Cup Soccer Player (Retro):

Action Figure:

 Game Character:




Dragon Rider:

Pencil Sketch:


 Color Splash:

Chess Player:






Santa Claus:

Accessing the new avatars

Creating new images with the avatar themes is easy. If you’ve already used AI Time Machine™, visit your gallery to get started. Click on any model in the gallery to open the results page. There are now two tabs above the results, representing the categories: Time Travel and Avatars (new).

Updated results page with new tabs (click to zoom)

Updated results page with new tabs (click to zoom)

Avatars tab (click to zoom)

Avatars tab (click to zoom)

As part of this product enhancement, we’ve changed the one-time purchase options to provide our users with the best value possible. Users can now choose between 3 AI Time Machine™ packages to create one model and receive images in all themes for that package. The Time Travel Package includes approximately 60 themes (480 images) representing historical eras. The Avatar Package includes approximately 40 themes (320 images) from different areas of popular culture: sports, street art, cartoons, sketches, and more. The All-Inclusive Package includes all 100 themes (800 images) for a special discounted price.

To generate the avatars, click the Avatars tab and follow the instructions on the screen for purchasing an Avatar Package.

We’ve also improved the way you receive your results. Last week we announced the addition of an AI Time Machine™ Gallery for your images. Starting today, AI Time Machine™ will automatically generate your images in all themes available for the package that you purchased. Previously, users received a handful of auto-generated themes, and had to select additional themes one-by-one. Thanks to this change, all images are created for you up front. If more themes are later added to the package you purchased, you’ll be able to generate images using those themes at no additional cost.

To maximize privacy, uploaded photos are deleted immediately once your results are ready.

If you haven’t tried AI Time Machine™ yet, try it now!


The AI Time Machine™ packages are very affordable.
Time Travel Package: only $12 for 480+ images.
Avatar Package: only $10 for 320+ images.
All-Inclusive Package: only $18 for 800+ images.

Users with an active free trial for the MyHeritage Complete plan enjoy a significant discount of 50% on all AI Time Machine™ packages.

Users with a Complete subscription are entitled to create models for up to 3 people each year and receive all themes in the All-Inclusive Package for each model (800+ images), at no additional cost.

Users who previously purchased a 20-theme pack and still have a quota of remaining themes can use them to create any of the Time Travel themes individually, as before.


The addition of the avatars multiplies the fun you can have with AI Time Machine™. That perfect profile photo or beautiful collage for your next social media post is just a few clicks away. We’re working hard to make continued enhancements and add new capabilities that keep the AI Time Machine™ fun and engaging. Whether you’ve already created AI Time Machine™ images that you love, or are finally ready to join in the fun, we invite you to try AI Time Machine™ and the new avatars today!

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