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New Themes Added to AI Time Machine™

In just one week since its release, AI Time Machine™ has garnered a huge following and exploded on social media. People all over the world are having a blast as they transform themselves into different figures throughout history, and the feature continues to gain traction. AI Time Machine™ is rapidly becoming a massive TikTok trend, with users sharing out-of-this-world results and gaining significant exposure. Check out this video from influencer Chelsey Brown that has 241,000 views so far, and one from the_real_lin_shady that has 1.2 million views!

We’re constantly fine tuning the feature and enhancing it with more options and amazing outputs. We’ve just added 17 new themes, making the time-travel options even greater than before!

For more details about AI Time Machine™, read the launch announcement on our blog, and our earlier post about its growing popularity.

Here’s a list of the fun new themes to try:


  • Byzantine Mosaic
  • Sultan
  • World Explorer
  • Middle Ages Astronomer
  • Alchemist
  • 18th Century Composer
  • Portrait by Van Gogh
  • 1930s Scientist
  • 1940s Painter


  • Byzantine Mosaic
  • World Explorer
  • Portrait by Rembrandt
  • Portrait by Van Gogh
  • 1930s Hollywood Movie Star
  • 1930s Scientist
  • 1940s Painter
  • Flamenco Dancer

We’re adding more themes almost every day, so keep watching this space.


Below are some outstanding examples of the new themes.

Portrait by Van Gogh:

World Explorer:

Byzantine Mosaic:

Portrait by Rembrandt:

Flamenco Dancer:


The images above are just a sampling of the new additions.

Accessing the new themes

To try the new themes, access the results page by clicking the link in the email notifying you that your results are ready.

On the MyHeritage website

On the AI Time Machine™ results page, the themes that have already been generated will appear at the top left of the page in orange. Click “Show more” to display all available themes.

“Show more” displays additional themes (click to zoom)

“Show more” displays additional themes (click to zoom)

The new themes will appear further down on the list of unused themes. Click the buttons to select the themes you’d like to try. It takes 1–2 minutes until they’re ready. If the results don’t automatically display after two minutes, refresh the page.

On mobile web

When viewing your results on your mobile web browser, tap “Try more themes” at the bottom of the screen to open the theme menu.

Swipe up to expand the list, then tap the ones you want to try and enjoy the results!

Who can use the new themes? 

The new themes are available to all AI Time Machine™ users, provided they have additional themes remaining in their quota. Anyone who reaches the theme limit and wants to try the new themes can make a one-time purchase to add more themes.


It has been wonderful to see how enthusiastic people everywhere are as they create more images and share them with family and friends. This feature not only brings a lot of joy and laughter, much needed in the world today, but also evokes curiosity in general history and family history, which is why we developed it in the first place! If you haven’t done so yet, try AI Time Machine™ today and share the results with your friends and family! Who knows, your video could be the next one to go viral. The new themes we’ve added are just the beginning, so stay tuned, many more are on the way!

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