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New Consistency Checker Email Notifications

The Consistency Checker has played an important role to help improve the accuracy of the World Family Tree. Today we are excited to share that you will now receive a weekly email notification to alert you of inconsistencies found in the family tree on Geni.

In the email notification, you will see a list of the most important issues discovered on profiles you manage. The Consistency Checker automatically checks 28 different types of inconsistencies and common mistakes. Each inconsistency is classified by severity (error, warning, and informational), so you may prioritize which issue to address first. 

Click on the issue type to review and resolve the inconsistency for the profile mentioned. A new page will open showing the inconsistency from the email at the top and list any other pending consistency issues for that particular profile.

Review our FAQs to learn more about each inconsistency type and how to resolve them.

As a reminder, the Consistency Checker is meant to bring possible problems to your attention. Not all issues are actual errors, which is why it is important to carefully review each item. If the issue is correct, then you may resolve it by clicking “Ignore” and selecting “Mark this correct for all users.” The issue will then be removed for everyone. If you are not sure how to resolve it, then you can click “Hide this only from my view” to remove it from your own list of inconsistencies. The issue will still be available to other profile managers and collaborators to resolve.

If you would like to review all inconsistencies found by the Consistency Checker, click the button “View all consistency issues” at the bottom of the email.

Each person has control over what email notifications they receive from Geni. You can review and update your email notification preferences at any time in your account settings

Keep a lookout for the new consistency emails in your inbox! Help improve the quality of the World Family Tree by resolving any issues found.

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