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New Enhancements to the Family Map

We’re excited to share some new enhancements to the family map on Geni. For many years, we’ve had the family map to show you where your relatives are located around the world. Now we’ve made a few improvements that will help you better visualize the locations of your relatives on Geni.

To find the Map, simply click on “Family” at the top of the page and select “Map.”

Show Death and Burial Locations

Previously, you were only able to view the current location and the place of birth for the relatives in your family tree. Now you can also visualize the place of death and the place of burial for your relatives on the world map.

Improved Relatives Lists

We’ve also improved how relatives are listed when you mouse over a pin. This is perfect to get a quick overview of individuals at a specific location. When you hover your mouse on a pin, you will now see the name of the location and the relatives at that location displayed in an easy-to-read list.

We have also added a clickable list of names so you can get more information about the individuals at that location. Simply click on a pin to reveal entire list of names to the right of the map. The selected pin will be highlighted in blue. You can click on the pin again to close the list. This is a useful tool to have with you if you are visiting a local cemetery or a local archive to check records within a specific area.

You can hover your mouse over a name to reveal the hovercard for the profile, which provides you with some quick information about the person. Or you can click on the name to open the profile in a new tab.

Add Location Details

While trying out the new map enhancements, take some time to see if you have any relatives in the family tree that are still missing these locations from their profiles. Below the map, you’ll find a list of relatives who are missing location information – current location, place of birth, place of death, or burial location. Simply click “add” to quickly enter new location details for your relatives.

Have you mapped your relatives on Geni? Try out the new map enhancements now!

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