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New Languages available on

One of FamilySearch’s goals is to help people worldwide discover how they are connected in the human family’s shared Family Tree. Now, it will be even easier for people to use FamilySearch’s resources.

Throughout 2020, FamilySearch has become available in 20 additional languages. These languages bring the total count of FamilySearch’s supported languages to 30. With these newly available languages, you can add family members to the family tree, explore historical documents, record memories, and more!

What Are the Newly Available Languages?

Previously, FamilySearch was available in 10 languages:

Family of four watching the sunset together in a field.

The following languages have become available this year:

Colorful buildings in Prague.

All these languages are available on the browser version of They are also available on the FamilySearch Family Tree app as long as the language is supported by the user’s phone.

How Do I Set My Preferred Language on

Changing your preferred language on is easy. The site automatically sets the language to the same language as the web browser, provided that the language is one supported by FamilySearch; however, if the browser language is not your preferred language, it’s easy to switch.

Scroll to the bottom of the FamilySearch page. On the left side is a small globe icon with the selected language next to it. Clicking this link opens a pop-up with a list of available languages. Select the preferred language, click Apply, and the page will refresh—this time in the selected language.

The FamilySearch Help Center has more information. Be sure to check it out if you need it!

Friends speaking with one another.

Explore FamilySearch in Your Language

If you haven’t created a FamilySearch account yet, now is the perfect time. It’s free, and an account allows you to explore your ancestors’ lives in new and unique ways. Pick your preferred language, create an account today, and start exploring what FamilySearch has to offer!

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