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New Source Assistant Email Notifications

Since first introducing the Source Assistant, Geni users have been able to use this powerful tool to quickly and easily extract information from confirmed MyHeritage Record Matches and Smart Matches™ to the family tree on Geni. Today we are happy to announce that Geni will now notify you by email about pending Source Assistant items to review. These notifications serve as a reminder that you may have exciting new information waiting to be added to the family tree.

The email notification will contain a list of your 3 most recent Source Assistant items. Each item will include the title of the collection, the name of the profile on which the record was confirmed, what new information the MyHeritage source may contain, and the date the match was confirmed. If sources have already been added to the profile, a warning will appear to let you know that the profile may have some conflicting data. You can click the “Review” button to begin reviewing the Source Assistant items for the match.

A new tab will open taking you to the Source Assistant page so you can review and extract any new or improved information to the Geni profile.

Review our blog post to learn more about resolving Source Assistant items.

If you would like to review all your Source Assistant items at once, click the button “View all Source Assistant items” at the bottom of the email.

Geni will not continuously email you about the same Source Assistant items over and over again. You will see new notifications each week until all pending Source Assistant items have been sent, or new ones appear. As a reminder, you have control over what email notifications you receive from Geni. You may review and update your email notification preferences at any time in your account settings

When we introduced the Consistency Checker email notifications, we heard great feedback on how helpful they were to alert you of inconsistencies in the tree that were previously forgotten about or overlooked. We believe the Source Assistant notification will be just as helpful to ensure the accuracy and quality of the World Family Tree. 

Don’t leave your Source Assistant items waiting! You never know when a record will contain that missing piece of information that will unlock the next part of your family’s history.

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