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People Are Amazed by LiveStory!

We recently released the remarkable LiveStory feature that takes family storytelling to the next level, allowing you to make photos of your ancestors speak and tell their stories. We did this based on amazing technology that we licensed from D-ID.

LiveStory has really caught on since being released, showing how fun and compelling family storytelling can be. In the first two weeks since its launch, more than 270,000 LiveStories have been created by MyHeritage users. People are loving this new feature and can’t get over how incredible it is to witness their ancestors and historical figures telling their stories!

If you haven’t tried it for yourself yet, well… What are you waiting for? Make your ancestors speak with LiveStory.

Here are some of our favorite reactions and testimonials that users posted to social media:


Jennifer Hanna wrote to us describing how much she is enjoying using the new feature:

“As a dedicated genealogist and the designated family historian, I’ve found all the MyHeritage photo tools to be incredible (ie. colorize, enhance and animate) but this latest offering LiveStory is another level completely. I was so impressed at how easy it was to use. The quality of the end product is beyond my wildest expectations and the way the audio syncs up perfectly with my ancestor’s photo….it really is so life-like! She really is telling us her story!”



Marie Antoinette has been particularly inspiring as a LiveStory subject:


DNA Family Trees’ Larry Jones remarks in his short tutorial video how cool LiveStory is and how you’ve never seen anything like this before! “This is gonna knock your socks off!” He goes on: “This is an emotional healer, it’s an amazing thing. Deep Nostalgia™ was cool. This, hearing my family story, and with her lips, making it believable… If this doesn’t make you want to get a subscription… Kudos to everybody there. I didn’t think you would top the hype that you had for Deep Nostalgia™, but you did!”

Leland Meitzler of Genealogy Blog exclaimed: “Oh, my… I’m having more fun today than I have in years. MyHeritage, who pioneered so many photo innovations in the last couple years, has just released a new feature that allows your ancestor to talk (with a picture — not from the grave)! And I thought that Deep Nostalgia™ was something.”

After testing out LiveStory for the first time, Rand Seaver of GeneaMusings was brought to tears! “My first reaction to seeing this was tears of joy — and then thankfulness for the life of my mother. There is a lot more to her story and I will create more LiveStory videos for her life, my father’s life, and each of my grandparents’ lives and probably those of my mother’s grandparents.” We can’t wait to see your future LiveStories, Randy!

Roberta Estes of DNA Explained tried LiveStory out for herself. She’s hopeful that LiveStory will encourage her family members to upload photos of ancestors that she hasn’t seen before, and LiveStory is a wonderful incentive to do just that.

The Genealogy Guys created their first LiveStory, remarking at how easy it is to use: “It is easy to use and produces an interesting biographical video.”


Among dozens of reviews, LiveStory was also covered on CNET: “… you can watch grandma tell you about where she was born and how she met grandpa, and see accompanying photos of their wedding, home and kids as she speaks.”

LiveStory was featured in TechCrunch: “With the debut of LiveStory, MyHeritage is bringing the latest AI tech from D-ID directly to consumers.”

In Make Use of, Alvin Wanjala says there’s an element of impressiveness to MyHeritage’s LiveStory feature, in the technical achievement behind the feature.

We are moved and inspired by all the beautiful LiveStories and wonderful feedback you’ve been sharing with us — keep it coming!

And for those of you who haven’t tried out this mind-blowing feature yet, head on over to and give it a go.

Inspiring examples:

Founder and CEO of MyHeritage, Gilad Japhet, shared a fascinating LiveStory of his paternal grandfather, Chaim Japhet (see the first comment for part 2):

In this LiveStory example, genealogist Annette Diane Kapple has her ancestor Nancy Melvin Hicks introduce herself and read out a letter that her son wrote from the U.S. Civil War battlefront:

Genealogist Miles Meyer created a LiveStory about his great grandfather and his dirty business practices during prohibition in the United States:

John Reid of Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections made his ancestor Braham Cohen tell the story of his brother Edward’s life, from his point of view.

MyHeritage user Matthew Kerns, who manages the Wild West Facebook group created an exciting LiveStory about the life of Texas Jack John Baker Omohundro (1846 –1880), also known as “Texas Jack”. Texas Jack was an American frontier scout, actor, and cowboy:

Share your LiveStory for a chance to win!

We loved to see some of the LiveStories that our users created and shared, so much that we are launching a competition to win a free MyHeritage Complete plan and 3 MyHeritage DNA kits! Simply create a LiveStory and share it via your favorite social media channel (or email) for a chance to win.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Create a LiveStory about one of your ancestors — it’s easy and fun! Click here to learn how and get some tips on making a great LiveStory.
  • Share the LiveStory on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok
  • Be sure to tag MyHeritage (@myheritage or @myheritage_official) and use the hashtag #mylivestory in the description. To ensure we take notice, please also email us a link to your LiveStory at:

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your ancestors telling us their stories.

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