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Profile of the Day: Carol Burnett

Happy birthday, Carol Burnett! Today the beloved comedic actress celebrates her 86th birthday.

Profile of the Day: Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett / Wikimedia Commons

Born on April 26, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas, Burnett caught the acting bug at a young age. After her parents divorced in the late 1930s, she was sent to live with her grandmother in a boarding house in Hollywood, California. In the second grade, she briefly invented an imaginary twin sister named Karen and found enjoyment in fooling the other boarders.

Though she found steady work on television, it wasn’t until she starred in her own comedy variety show, The Carol Burnett Show, in 1967 that she became a household name. The show ran for 11 seasons and became one of her most memorable roles of her career. She ended every show by tugging on her left ear as a sign to her grandmother.

As her star was on the rise, Burnett found a mentor in comedy legend Lucille Ball. The actresses remained close friends until Ball’s death in 1989 on Burnett’s 56th birthday. Did you know they were also 12th cousins?

Explore Carol Burnett’s family tree and share your connection to the star.

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